“Spilt Milk & Other Delights” Vicki Berndt

As an eternal fan of all of the things in life that bring smiles to our faces, you can’t imagine the feeling of excitement and absolute joy when someone is able to synthesize these for you in a way that exceeds your expectations. Certainly, Vicki Berndt was the only person in my mind to complete this vision and to take my 25 year-old dream and paint life into it.

The band Jellyfish, for me the embodiment of many of those smiles on our faces, was the initial inspiration for this vision many moons ago. Simply put, Jellyfish are my Beatles, and their album Spilt Milk is their “Sgt. Pepper’s”. I wanted to pay homage to their musical impact on my life by placing them (rightfully so) within the context of a much deserved Sgt. Pepper’s-esque setting. You will notice many similarities in composition between this painting and The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, all of which were tediously developed within a careful thought process shared between myself and Vicki over a number of years. “How is the rest of the painting’s subject matter relevant”, you ask? The answer is…everything that means anything to me, all standing on that familiar hill, posing for a photo after Jellyfish have just bestowed upon us yet another live musical offering. The collection lends itself as a timeless pinnacle of the representation of many of my life’s inspirations (and maybe some of yours) from the music of Jellyfish, to my family, to Mayor McCheese, and back again…a la the delightful Vicki Berndt-style. Without Vicki’s help, this canvas full of delights would have never come to such successful fruition.

Love Jellyfish Style,

Once named the “Sgt. Jellies” project, I give you…

“Spilt Milk & Other Delights”
Vicki Berndt
54″ x 54″
Acrylic on Canvas

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